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Fermented mice


                                                                 Poem by Peter Ovchinnikov
                                                                Translated from Russian by Zarina Smirnoff

Take a flight of crooked stairs
Deeming light and dusty air
Open a heavy iron door
And inhale a unique odor
I spot a jar with greedy eyes
The Label says ”Fermented mice”

Dimming mirrors, sleeping bats
I grab the jar with shaky hands
Unlock the cover, Smell aromas
Shake the jello off the paws
Grab the snack by a squeaky tail
Bite the head, inhale, exhale


Take a moment for indulgence
Taste and smell fermented mouse
White mustache, delicious thighs
Peppercorns of tiny eyes
Buttery with the hint of rose
Blissful smell pertains my nose


Take a sip of mouse water
Salty-sweet and gently rotten
Crunch a knot of tiny paws
Slurp the jello, suck the nose

Bubbly syrup from the jar
Is my favorite nectar


If you are the chosen ones
Mouse water makes you dance
Delicious meat and stinky prana
Leads you quickly to Nirvana
My precious mice, me zesty meal
The perfect taste and smell and feel

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