Canadian Cultural Mosaic


We are organizing a community event that may be of interest to people who like working in different cultures. The event is called Canadian Cultural Mosiac, details and description as follows:


Canadian Cultural Mosaic will take place on October 13, at 6 PM in Studio N, 312 Dolomite Dr (closest major intersection: Dufferin Street & Steeles Avenue West).


Participants are welcome to present anything related to the culture of a certain ethnic group (not necessary their own ethnic group). You can send to us your favorite music (audio files, video files, YouTube link, etc.) for the DJ to play at the event. If you wish to perform (sing, dance, play music), this is very welcomed and encouraged. Telling the story of a certain ethnic group will also be greatly appreciated. Participants are encouraged to wear national costumes (if wearing traditional ethnic clothing of a culture other than your own, please ensure that it is being done with respect for the culture).


There will be a potluck dinner at the event. If you contribute to our multi-cultural potluck, you do not have to buy a ticket as your admission is included with your potluck contribution. Otherwise, if you do not bring something for the potluck and simply wish to attend, tickets are $15.



  • The best national costume

  • The best food in potluck

  • The best performance

  • The best story

  • Bring a Friend - for the one who brings the most friends to the party

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