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In Flanders Fields


In Flanders Fields is often called "the most Canadian poem".

It was written during the First World War by Canadian physician Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae. He was inspired to write it after presiding over the funeral of a friend who died in the Second Battle of Ypres. Its references to the red poppies that grew over the graves of fallen soldiers resulted in the remembrance poppy becoming one of the world's most recognized memorial symbols for soldiers who have died in conflict.

The big event "In Flanders Fields" happened on November 9th, 2019 at Fort York National Historic Site: poets from various ethnic communities presented this poem, translated by each poet to their respective native languages. 

Our project received an award from Canadian Ethnic Media Association!

CEMA Award 2020

The project was nominated for Canadian Governor General's Award in 2021.

See below the original of the poem as well as translations to different languages.

Coast to Coast podcast about the In Flanders Fields project

In Flanders Fields by John McCrae 




Afrikaans - translated by Zingisile Mbo, contributed by Yuri Marusik

Albanian - translated by Aneta Xhiku, contributed by Miranda Basha and Bujar Sinoimeri

Arabic - translated by Sara Alasttal, contributed by Victor Fet. Translated by Azzam AbuRayash, contributed by Farida Samerkhanova

Armenian - translated by Simon Tovmassian, contributed by Sophia Tovmassian

Azerbaijani - translated by Shahrun Suleymanova. Contributed by Leyla Begim and Valida Guseinova

Bashkir -  translated by Bulat Akhtyamov, Zulfiya Gayfullina, Nizam Iskhakov, contributed by Farida Samerkhanova

Belarusian - translated by Mikhail Kenka, contributed by Violetta Kovaleva

Bengali - translated by Madhuparna Gupta

Bulgarian - translated by Alexi Popov, contributed by Victor Fet

Catalan - translated by Isidor Marí, contributed by Judith Cohen

Chinese -  translated by Anna Yin, contributed by Pat Connors

Croatian - translated by Roman Ozimec, contributed by Victor Fet

Czech - translated by Petr Dolejš, contributed by Yuri Marusik

Danish - translated by Henrik Bringsøe, contributed by Victor Fet

Dholuo - translated by Dalmas Okoth, contributed by Grace M. Kioko and Yuri Marusik

Dutch - translated by Shoshannah Brombacher

Estonian - translator unknown, contributed by Victor Fet

Farsi - translated by Alireza Zamani, contributed by Victor Fet

Finnish - translated by Veikko Huuska, contributed by Seppo Koponen and Yuri Marusik

French - translated by David Zanier, contributed by Alexandre Melnik. Translated by Guy Laffaille, contributed by Judith Cohen

Georgian -  translations by Koba Chumburidze with contribution by Simon Safro, and by Konstantine Gulisashvili

German - translated by Madhuparna Gupta

Greek - translated by Spyros Sfendourakus, contributed by Victor Fet

Hebrew - translations by Ophra Opher Oren, Tsur Ehrlich. Contributed by Galit Baram - Consul General of Israel

Hill Mari - translated by Tatyana Ivanova, contributed by Victor Fet and Nadezhda Fedoseeva

Hungarian translated by Nika Géza, contributed by Janos Ratonyi

Igbo - translated by Nicholas Ihewulezi, contributed by Victor Fet

Italian - translated by Margarita Feliciano

Japanese - translator unknown. Contributed by Natasha Abramova and Jacob Abramov, read by Kumiko Ishizuka

Kabardian - translated by Murat Temir, contributed by Victor Fet

Kazakh - translated by Bolat Kydyralin, contributed by Farida Samerkhanova

Khakas - translated by Maria Çertykova, contributed by Victor Fet

Khanty - translated by Andrey Kaksin, contributed by Victor Fet

Korean - translated by Seung-Hee Jeon, contributed by Yefim Somin

Kyrgyz - translated by Aida Egemberdieva, contributed by Victor Fet

Ladino - translated by Rachel Amado Bortnick and Daisy Sedaca Braverman, contributed by Judith Cohen

Latvian - translated by Inese Cera, contributed by Yuri Marusik

Macedonian - translated by Dragi Stojkovski. Contributed by Vasil Yancoff.

Marathi - translated by Makarand Ketkar and Anand Padhye, contributed by Victor Fet

Northern Romani - translated by Victor Shapoval, contributed by Victor Fet

Norwegian - translated by Jan Ove Rein, contributed by Victor Fet

Polish - translated by Alicja Bakalarski, contributed by Alexander Soypher

Portuguese - translated by Rosaly Graf, contributed by Victor Fet

Romanian - translated by Maria C. Babiuc, contributed by Victor Fet

Russian - translations by Vita Shtivelman, Dmitry Broytman, Michael Scherb

Serbian - translated by Ivo Karaman, contributed by Victor Fet

Shona - translated by Zingisile Mbo, contributed by Yuri Marusik

Shor - translated by Liubov’ Arbacakova, contributed by Victor Fet

Slovenian - translated by Matjaz Cernila, contributed by Yuri Marusik

Spanish - translated by Sergei Obolenski, contributed by Elena Obolensky

Swahili - translated by Grace M. Kioko and Joshua S. Bichanga, contributed by Yuri Marusik

Tabasaran - translated by Elmira Ashurbekova. Contributed by Miyasat Muslimova.

Tatar - translations by Bulat Akhtyamov and Zulfiya Gayfullina, Adel Badretdinov, Ramziya Kamalova and Yoldyz, contributed by Farida Samerkhanova

Thai -  translated by Uamphon Kumnuansilp Bringsøe, contributed by  Henrik Bringsøe.

Turkish - translated by Ersen Yagmur, contributed by Victor Fet

Turkmen - translated by Gochmurat Gutlyev and Dоvlet Amanov, contributed by Victor Fet

Ukrainian - translated by Alexander Soypher with consultation from Ilia Lipes

Vietnamese - translated by Phuc Dinh, contributed by Victor Fet

Xhosa - translated by Zingisile Mbo, contributed by Yuri Marusik

Yoruba - translated by Nicholas Ihewulezi, contributed by Victor Fet

Zulu - translated by Zingisile Mbo, contributed by Yuri Marusik

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